Operations Manager CNC Machining 2240

Job Title: Operations Manager CNC Machining
Role: Management
Relocation Available: No, but a short easy move may be okay.
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Illinois
Town / City: Elgin
Job Type: Permanent full-time
Job description:
We are looking for an Operations Manager with hands-on CNC Machining experience.
The Operations Manager will have more responsibility to act as a true manager and oversee both the Machining area and Assembly area. Machining includes abrasive saws and CNC machines. Assembly is bench (i.e. station) assembly work using small hand tools.
Daily Responsibilities:
Supervise employees.
Supervise processes.
Plan, schedule, and delegate work assignments.
Take necessary steps to confirm production deadlines are met.
Monitor and confirm quality standards are met.
Verify equipment is continually operating efficiently.
Facilitate the completion of all associated paperwork and electronic records.
Collaborate with other departments to meet customer demands.
Review parts inventory and communicate status to appropriate internal departments.
Maintain adherence to safety standards.
Weekly Responsibilities:
Confirm preventative maintenance on machines is completed (as needed).
Continually evaluate processes and personnel to strengthen outcomes.
Monthly Responsibilities:
Consider improvement options and submit ideas to management.
Experience coming into job:
Industrial leadership (preferably fabrication of metal parts).
Machining experience, including knowledge of tooling and
measuring devices.
Bottom Line Requirements:
1. Bachelor's Degree.
2. CNC Machining experience, including knowledge of tooling and measuring devices.
3. Recent management experience in CNC Machining and assembly.
4. Local or close enough for a short easy move.
5. Include reasons for recent job moves and salary history.

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